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The Homeland Singers

♪ ♫ Singing our way Home ♫ ♪

1. Old Gospel Ship

2. I am Redeemed

3. Jesus is Alive and Well

4. Didn't I Walk on the Water

5. Step into the Water

6. Forever Changed

7. John the Revelator

8. When He Speaks

9. Glory to God

10. Are You Ready

  1. Climbing up the Mountain
  2. When He was on the Cross
  3. He forgot
  4. Daddy's Hands
  5. Don't you wanna go
  6. Stand Still
  7. Ain't Gonna Run
  8. Look for Me at Jesus Feet
  9. Boundless Love
  10. Just Another Hill

Rev. Dr. Paul Klaverweiden's Solo CD is available for a limited time:

1. Just started living

2. Show me the Cross

3. Help is on the way

4. Lord, Feed Your Children

5. Meet Me at the Table

6. Hello Momma

7. Blood Bought Church

8. Love Grew Where the Blood Fell

9. I've Got My Foot on the Rock

10. He Still Speaks

11. Somethings Going on in the Graveyard

12. Too Much to Gain to Loose